The Moon in the Eighth House

This book, graphically, emotionally and frankly tells the story and more than answers my questions. It is a story of a battle to overcome issues that would have broken most people. It is the story of dealing with so called medical professionals more interested in their own worth than their patients and it is the story of relationships and a broken society. Elena has the words and descriptions to engage the reader to side with her, cry with her and will her to overcome her hurdles. At times she tells of an ongoing nightmare which you feel you are part of and want to shout at the characters and at other times she is catches you up in the tenderness of relationships and memories, like an entwined fishing net. The book is an inspiration to humanity and I am grateful for her courage in writing it.
— Gareth Stamp
Chairman of the Eurasian Creative Guild

“The Moon in the Eighth House” is a provocative story that is at once feminine, reflecting patient care in post-Soviet Russia, and steeped in personal perseverance prevailing over extraordinary experiences.
— Ola’s Kool Kitchen is a DJ,
journalist and editor based in London

An incredible woman and a very enjoyable read. She takes the reader on her personal journey of pain, self belief and bravery.”
— Bishop Alan Cox OSB
Spiritualist and Radio presenter


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by Elena Soboleva


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