Alpamys Batyr

The legend of the Alpamys batyr is rooted in the distant past of the Kazakh people, this legend reflects their ancient ideas about beauty, generosity, wisdom and courage.
Baybori from the konrat clan owns countless riches. But he does not have the most important thing - children. Baybori and his wife Analik, in their declining years, make a pilgrimage to the mausoleum of St. Azret in the hope of begging for a child.
And - about a miracle! They have a son, and then a daughter. The parents call the son Alpamys, and the daughter gets the name Karlygash.
Alpamys acquires true heroic strength, he becomes a defender of the oppressed and destitute and delivers the promised land of Zhideli Baysyn from the villain Ultan.


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