Azerbaijani Cuisine

Azerbaijani cuisine is one of the most ancient and varied in the world. Like its homeland, the cuisine straddles Eastern Europe and Southwest Asia, an eclectic pot of different traditions and flavours.

Over one hundred mouth-watering recipes are included in this book. From pilafs with apricots, dates and plums, aubergine kebab and baked fish with walnuts, to halva and sweet crescent pastries, these traditional dishes are sure to become favourites to be enjoyed among family and friends.

With stunning recipes and sumptuous photographs, The Azerbaijani Kitchen is a treat for food lovers and a wonderful introduction to this exotic and delicious cuisine.



Azerbaijani Cuisine

author: Leyla Rahmanova
publisher: Golden Book (Baku)
ISBN: 9789952481006
pp: 112
dimensions: 20.6cm x 21cm x 0.8cm
weight: 360g



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