Belarus in Maps

The in Maps atlas series was initiated by the President of Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 2005. The aim of the series published by the Geographical Institute (Hungary) is to introduce countries and macro-regions of Eastern Europe for the wider English speaking public. The goal is to offer complex regional geographic perspectives on macro-regions and countries, and present issues relating to nation, society, and spatial economic development.

The series comprises the following volumes: South Eastern Europe in Maps (2005, 2007), Ukraine in Maps (2008), Hungary in Maps (2009, 2011) and Belarus in Maps (2017).

In a departure from the traditional descriptive approach, we have sought to present countries and regions focusing on specific issues using case studies on the country or region to supplement general information about the geography of the country or region. These case study chapters summarize the findings of research conducted by the authors during field research work. Text boxes have been used to present additional issues in greater detail. In addition to maps and diagrams, the atlas is also illustrated with photographs on a geographical theme.

With the present series the editors would like to foster knowledge and understanding among the nations, contribute to cultural and scientific dialogue and strengthen economic and social ties. We are also committed to continuing the in Maps series and make it available free of charge online for the public on the present website.

We warmly recommend the in Maps series – which is richly illustrated with maps – both to geographers, economists and political scientists as well as to diplomats, politicians and investors.



Belarus in Maps

author: D. Karacsonyi, K. Kocsis, Zsolt Bottlik
publisher: MTA CSFK Geographical Institute (Budapest) 2017
202 pp
ISBN: 9789639545526
30.1cm x 21.4cm x 1.6cm


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