Birds of Uzbekistan by Boris Nedosekov

FIRST AND ONLY PHOTOALBUM OF UZBEKISTAN BIRDS! Birds are among the most varied animals, occurring in a great variety of shapes, sizes and plumages. They also occur in almost all habitats from wilderness to parks and gardens. This makes them an ideal means of capturing people’s interest and enthusing them about the natural world around them. Therefore this book, which provides an introduction to the birdlife of Uzbekistan, is a welcome addition to the tools available to those working to conserve the natural heritage of the country. In addition to being the first photographic guide to the birds of Uzbekistan, the book is unique in only using photographs taken within the country. The compilers are to be congratulated on preparing an attractive and accessible work which hopefully will encourage more people to discover the rich birdlife of the country and want to protect it for future generations.


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ISBN: 978-0-9557549-1-3

Publisher: Silk Road Media 2012

English / Russian

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