Written by Kamran Salayev, Illustrated by Timur Akhmedjanov

Elish is a small boy who lives in a small village, a boy who prefers not to socialise, a boy who’s a little scared and clumsy, one that sits alone in a shed… wickering? For him, that is his only true talent and passion, the only thing that really matters. It all changes when Elish meets the Rider, a strong warrior from a distant land. After the Rider learns of Elish’s talents, he sets off with a new wickered bridle to discuss important matters with the King. The Rider learns of a great threat lurking in the far north… The Dark Wizard, a man who’s said to be imprisoning the creative people of his land, where they stay for life and are made to look for a stone. But why a stone? Is something no one can answer. Vashag, the Rider, sets out on a quest to make peace with the Wizard and perhaps also learn of his dark truth. However a couple months have passed and not a sighting or word has been heard from Vashag, people are beginning to fear the worst… Whilst trouble is steering, not all have realised the dangers that are coming, and during a great festival the King holds a competition for the best saddle. Elish hesitantly agrees and after arriving to the city, impresses the King with his excellent wickerwork. Whilst they enjoy a great feast, Babir, Vashag’s brother and warden of the land, interrupts the dining and speaks of a wickered bridle he found, belonging to Vashag. People are scared and suggest Elish has something that Vashag needs. Thus with an unwilling purpose and Babir by his side. Elish sets out on an adventure that has him trembling, one to save Vashag and put an end to the Dark Wizard’s devious deeds.


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ISBN: 978-1-910886-88-5

Publisher: Hertfordshire Press



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