Finding the Holy Path

by  Shahsamen Murray (Author), Laura Hamilton (Editor)Varvara Perekrest (Illustrator)

The Kyrgyz-British novelist Shahsanem Murray was born in Kyrgyzstan and settled in Edinburgh, UK after marrying her husband Gordon Murray. With a degree in Philology and speaking three languages fluently, writing is a natural pastime for her. After completing a translation of one of her Uncles books from Kyrgyz into both English and Russian two years ago, she then set about writing her own first novel. This first novel can trace its roots and influences to many aspects of her life. Clan cultures in both Scotland and Kyrgyzstan along with traveling to many corners of the world provided a framework for a story through the ages and the continents of the world. Whilst a keen interest in Politics, International Business, Poetry, Films, and Art provided threads and strands for back-stories and sub-plots as well as many factual references and content. Outwith writing Shahsanem works with a number of colleagues to arrange cultural events, and endeavors to promote Central Asia throughout Scotland and the UK.


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ISBN: 9780992787394

Publisher: Hertfordshire Press

Year: 2015

Language: English

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