Girl dancing in the sky

by Sagyn Berkinalieva

In this jewellike collection of poems from Kyrgyz poet Sagyn Berkinalieva, the poet explores her own personal destiny and her memorable insights into love, plumbing the raw feelings that cut through her heart in the course of one memorable encounter. Berkinalieva’s own unique and genuine voice shines through poignantly on every page.

Sagyn Berkinalieva is one of the bright representatives of modern literature in Kyrgyzstan. The entire Kyrgyz literary world is familiar with her poetry. She is a very special poetess, subtly feeling the colours of peace and harmony, and senstively perceiving the very essence of a person, his inner world, and in her poems, she looks at human nature in a completely different way. Her poems are subtly shaped by an algorithm of feelings, perception, and harmony. Lyricism and philosophy, depth – this is the true core of her poetry


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ISBN: 9781913356217

Publisher: Hertfordshire Press

Year: 2021

Language: English

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