by Aldona Grupas

Part instruction manual, part self-help book, and part autobiography, It’s Hard to be an Angel delves into questions about nursing the elderly and infirm. Drawing on her thirty years of experience in the field, Aldona Grupas’ deeply compassionate book addresses the best approaches to caregiving, and how to take on this role without succumbing to stress and depression.

This book by Aldona Grupas is written with love, which can help you get a different perspective about these complex issues. You can benefit from Aldona’s rich experience of over thirty years in the field of caring for the elderly and infirm; you can solve similar problems in your life and escape from stress and depression. You will have a different feeling towards your daily responsibilities after reading this book. May God help you, and may this wonderful angel called Aldona help you too!


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ISBN: 9781913356224

Publisher: Hertfordshire Press

Year: 2020

Language: English

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