Jewelry Art of Kazakhstan of 19th-20th centuries

Jewelry art, as a peculiar form of artistic creativity and self-expression of an ethnic group, is an important part of the worldview and material culture of the Kazakh people.
It developed over many centuries, absorbing bit by bit the experience of previous nomadic civilizations, ancient Turks, as well as the rich material and cultural heritage of the Golden Horde. Interacting with the culture and art of neighboring countries, the jewelry art of Kazakhstan has not lost its originality and is distinguished by a bright national originality.
In general, Kazakh goldsmiths and silversmiths were fluent in various metalworking techniques, using notching, engraving, cutting out, carving, filigree, granulating, filigree, and inlaid with precious and semiprecious stones in the finishing of products. The jewelry art of Kazakhstan, which reached the highest degree of its flowering in the XVIII-XX centuries, demonstrates a wide variety of forms and methods of decorating products, as well as a certain degree of independence of the artistic style of each of the studied regions.


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