Kyrgyzstan: A Land of Treasure, Wonder, and Mystic Awe

by Sergey Dudashvili

Lake Issyk – Kul is an inland sea set high among the mountains called celestial. Lake Issyk – Kul is not just an ordinary body of water; its distinction lies beyond its awesome dimensions. We can confidently assert that Lake Issyk – Kul is one of the remarkable natural reservoirs of the planet. The length of the lake is 177 kilometers; the widest point is 60 kilometers; the depth is 702 meters; the surface area spans out across 6,332 square kilometers. Its cubic capacity fills twice the volume of the Aral Sea. “If I’m no longer fated to return to Asia, the recollections of what I have seen there during my many long journeys will be a delight for me until my last days”, – Nikolay Przhevalsky, great Russian explorer of Central Asia.


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ISBN: 9967424036

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Year: 2001

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