Manas – Lost & Found: A Bridge Linking Kyrgyzstan’s Epic to Ancient Oracles

by Richard Hewitt

Rural Kyrgyz, far from the Judeo-Christian world, have many striking biblical traditions. A comparative analysis of Kyrgyzstan’s national epic Manas and Hebrew scripture reinforces the bond; especially obvious is the similarity between a biblical patriarch “Manasseh son of Jacob” and the Kyrgyz hero “Manas son of Jakyb.”Manas also had a exodus that is comparable to Moses’ exodus. Strikingly, both leaders moved their people with 600,000 foot soldiers. ‘Manas – Lost & Found’ touches on an unending stream of similarities, many that cannot be categorized by Carl Jung’s theories or classified as archetypes. The chapters in this book were essays presented at academic conferences in Kyrgyzstan. The topic was in Central Asia’s news for several years.

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ISBN: 9781478307891

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Year: 2012

Language: EN and KG

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