Written by OGDO, Illustrated by Timur Akhmedjanov

The charm of this children’s book lies in its original storyline which successfully encompasses folklore, science, natural history and geography. As the baby mammoth develops, the author raises issues concerning parenting and what a child needs to make its way through life, through the male and female perspectives of its young creators, Boris and Veronica. Menik, by default, finds himself facing the world alone and we learn how he copes with danger and struggles, as a displaced being, against ingrained prejudice and people’s fear of the unfamiliar. But there are also glimpses of human kindness and generosity of spirit which eventually, win the day.
Beautifully illustrated, this little book is likely to become a favourite bedtime story and one to which children will return again and again.



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ISBN: 978-1-910886-62-5



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