Selected Masterpieces from Savitsky Collection Set of Prints

Selected Masterpieces from Savitsky Collection Set of Prints  by Marinika Babanazarova

Limited edition of prints from the world-renowned Museum of Igor Savitsky in Nukus, Uzbekistan. The set includs nine of the most famous works from the Savitsky collection wrapped in a colourful envelope.

This museum, also known as the Nukus Museum or the Savitsky Museum, opened in 1966 and houses a collection of over 85,000 items, ranging from the antiquities of ancient Khorezm to contemporary Karakalpak folk art and, uniquely, the 2ndlargest collection of Russian avant garde paintings in the world. It is the life’s work of Igor Vitalievich Savitsky (1915-1984)—a Russian artist born in Kiev, educated in Moscow and Samarkand and, from 1956, permanently resident in Nukus—who began collecting the works of numerous Russian and Central Asian artists, including of the Uzbek school, whose works had been banned in the Soviet Union during Stalin’s rule and through the 1960s. Virtually unheard of until the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991, the Savitsky Collection has in recent years been the subject of numerous articles in the international media, of television programs in Australia, Germany, and Japan, and, more recently, of two full length documentary films—The Desert of Forbidden Art, produced by Amanda Pope and Tchavdar Georgiev, two American film makers based in California, and Uzbekistan’s Pearl,produced by the Jahon Information Agency of Uzbekistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 2003, the museum’s exhibition space and other facilities were significantly expanded and modernized when a new building, financed by the government of Uzbekistan, was completed and officially opened by the President of Uzbekistan.


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ISBN: 978-0992787387

Publisher: Silk Road Media / Hertfordshire Press 2014

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