Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio

by Herbert A.Giles

Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio, commonly known in China as the Liao Zhai, was first published in 1740, although it existed in manuscript form before then. Little is known about the author Pu Songling, except that he completed the lowest (or bachelor’s) degree in the Chinese examinations. Ten years after his graduation, he had not progressed to an advanced degree. Despite his failures in the more advanced competitive examinations, Pu Songling left a cherished manuscript of stories, which for more than 300 years has gained him an enduring place in Chinese literature.By choosing to publish one story at a time, the publisher hopes to accommodate readers in downloading particular titles of interest, thus saving the trouble of moving through a large and unwieldy electronic document.


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ISBN: 9781301827473

Publisher: Ballantyne & Co.Limited

Year: 1908

Language: EN

Condition: used


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