The Final Word of God

The Holy Quran is a compilation of verbal revelations received from the On-High by Prophet Muhammad over a period of twenty-three years. The Holy Quran contains an ever-lasting and complete message for the whole of mankind; it lays down laws, commandments, codes for social and moral behaviour, and contains a comprehensive religious philosophy.

Revealed over 1400 years ago, deep in the midst of the Arabian Peninsula, the Holy Quran brought about a revolutionary transformation among Arabs. It paved the way for Europe to come out of the Dark Ages and to an era of Enlightenment. The Muslim Moors inspired Columbus to launch his ships across the Atlantic Ocean and begin Europe’s discovery, exploration, and expansion into the New World. Cordoba was the capital of Muslim Spain and the centre of learning in Europe. It was the spark to ignite the scientific revolution that still brightly glows in the discoveries and inventions of today. Today, the Holy Quran continues to light the way for millions of souls around the world, to enable them to safely tread along the Divine path as prescribed by the Holy Quran.

One of the most-read books in the world, the Holy Quran has remained preserved in its original form over the last fourteen centuries. Today, in an effort to proclaim the true message of Islam and its teachings to the corners of the Earth, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has translated the Holy Quran into over 70 languages, and has made this historic text accessible to millions of people worldwide.


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Hardback 1008pages

Publisher: Islam International Publications Ltd

Language Kyrgyz

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