The Silk Road: Revisited by Nick Rowan

For more than two millennia the Silk Road developed a vital set of trading arteries between East and West. At its height the route stretched from Venice in Europe to Xi’an in Northern China. Covering more than 8,000 kilometres, it spanned a wealth of cultures and lands, hosting many of history’s great legends and stories. This vast commercial and cultural relay between countries, peoples and religions influenced and changed the world and its effects are still being felt today. The Silk Road provided the first true bout of globalisation as it exchanged technology and ideas between those who travelled and lived along it.

Silk Road Revisited is a new book that captures the marvel of the Silk Road as we know it today. Exquisite photography captures the people, places, traditions and aspirations of the modern Silk Road. A sympathetically written text interweaves the history and legends of this remarkable, and often forgotten, part of our world history. This book celebrates and cherishes a part of the world that once held more power through trade than any single empire could hope and which once again, Phoenix-like, is rising from the ashes with a reborn flourish.

Take a trip along this remarkable route as it runs from Venice, through the Mediterranean, across Turkey and Iran, through the Caucasus and Caspian Sea, onwards via Central Asia and finally to China.


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Hardback with Dust jacket, coffe table book

Publisher: Hertfordshire Press 2020

ISBN: 978-1-913356-07-1

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