by Gulsifat Shakhidi

The latest book by the Tajik author, Gulsifat Shahidi brings together a selection of articles, reviews, and interviews. From reminiscences about her youth during Soviet times to meditations on the nature of nostalgia and what constitutes a true homeland, Shahidi’s thought-provoking articles are filled with a bright sadness, fused at once with both joy and an aching sense of melancholy. In her reviews, the author’s boundless enthusiasm leaps from the pages, whilst her interviews with important figures from contemporary Tajik history are characterized by an open dialogue that speaks to her mastery of the art of journalism.

The recipient of awards for her work in promoting peace and conflict resolution, Gulsifat Shahidi’s novel, The City Where Dreams Come True won first prize at the Open Eurasia International Literary Festival in 2015. The prolific author of over forty titles in her native Tajik and Russian, this collection represents Shahidi’s sixth book to be translated into English.


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ISBN: 9781913356026

Publisher: Hertfordshire Press

Year: 2019

Language: English

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